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Interview with Laura Tingle, In Search of Good Government

Laura Tingle, author and political editor of the Australian Financial Review, joined me on Uncommon Sense to discuss her new book of selected essays, ‘In Search Of Good Government’. We delved into Laura’s Quarterly Essay, ‘Great Expectations’ which looks at why we are so angry with our politicians, including how and why they don’t and can’t possibly meet our expectations of state paternalism. Plus we talk about Laura’s new essay on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, which challenges the dominant narrative that his government is adrift and rudderless.

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Summer Spoke, 3RRR FM: 2 February 2016

In our last Summer Spoke for a while, I joined Ben Eltham to talk about the first parliamentary sitting week in Canberra. The tax reform debate keeps moving along (now without a white paper process), Labor affirms its intention to fully fund Gonski, the Chief Scientist stakes his reputation on a ‘zero emissions’ economy and the same-sex marriage debate heats up – should there be a plebiscite or a free vote in parliament?

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