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Interview with John Pilger, The Coming War On China

As you may know, I am the presenter of Uncommon Sense on 3RRR FM in Melbourne, a 3-hour weekly talk show on politics, international affairs, history, art and the natural world. You can tune in every Tuesday, 9am til noon – check out the show here and listen back via podcast and Soundcloud.

I was lucky to meet and interview John Pilger in February to talk about his new documentary The Coming War On China.  It airs on SBS1 tonight (Sunday 16th April) at 8.35pm AEST.

It couldn’t be a more timely documentary with the escalation of tensions in the Asia-Pacific, the growing US presence, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons despite our intent to reduce them. One of the most harrowing parts of the film is the US’ nuclear testing activities in the Marshall Islands in the 1940s and 50s. It’s worth watching just to see a counter-argument to the traditional China-US narrative.

Listen to the interview here:

Watch the trailer:


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