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A Post On Why I Haven’t Posted

From the title of this post you may think:

– Oh, how very post-modern and self-reflexive of you;
– I really don’t care; or
– Maybe I will (or won’t) get something from reading this post about not posting.

Well, to put it bluntly, after the 2010 election campaign and the hung parliament result/hectic period of Independents and ALP/COAL negotiations, I was decidedly OVER the current political debates. Or perhaps I should really ask, what debates? Policy is a six-letter-word but it might as well not exist as a word or a concept at the moment.

This blog was created to engage with policy and the political debates in parliament, the Internet and the media. Since the beginning of the new parliament (as in, the end of 2010) there has been nothing in policy or Australian Federal politics that I have found particularly engaging, intellectual, robust (in terms of debate) and held to be important by at least one party or interest group. You might say, but what about the NBN, or WikiLeaks, or dams, or… ahhhh… Someone help me out? Discussions in the media and between people might not have been fruitless but I have not wanted to add to anything to an issue when it seems to me be going round and round in circles.

I enjoy writing, sharing/listening to information and ideas on Twitter and on this blog, but I prefer to engage in topics with facts not speculation or personal opinion. And it has been my rather subconscious decision to refrain from writing about anything political or policy-oriented until I have something relatively new and worthwhile to say.

I don’t believe in being negative and I hope it doesn’t come across this way because I am optimistic that whatever “slow policy period” we are going through will subside. And don’t get me wrong, in the meantime I still enjoy reading other bloggers and Tweeters posts. So until then… I will be posting, but it won’t be original pieces. I will be sharing ideas that other brilliant people have been cultivating and hope that a discussion or …debate (!) might arise out of that, on this blog, at home or just with yourself.

If anyone else has a view on this “slow policy period”, please feel free to post a comment below (NB: I have an respectful discussion policy).

All the best for the New Year, GS.

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